Catering to a range of sectors within the industry, our survey methodology and holistic approach is compatible with projects ranging from large-scale commercial developments to private, domestic dwellings.


We have extensive experience supporting heritage organisations, trusts and charities, as well as private owners and companies that are engaged in refurbishment works to heritage architecture

Timber Surveys

Our approach is sympathetic to the delicate nature of heritage architecture and is aligned with common conservation principles pertaining to the built environment. Our non-invasive survey techniques ensure that the maximum amount of historical fabric can be retained.

Our commitment to protecting the environment means that we do not recommend the use of unnecessary and harmful chemicals, which can cause further damage to the historical materials forming the building and remain as a latent health hazard, as well as creating a risk to the natural environment and wildlife in close proximity.

Our considerable experience working on all aspects of historical building conservation projects puts us in the unique position to be able to provide detailed remedial advice, so that our client’s
assets can be maintained to the highest quality.


We regularly undertake survey work for commercial clients from a broad range of backgrounds and sectors that operate within the built environment which include construction companies, contractors, property developers, estate agencies and brokers, management companies, other surveying firms and various estates.

Detailed investigations into building materials, particularly timber, masonry and damp issues. The data gathered during these investigations enable commercial clients to fully understand the condition of a building project, from which accurate costing and refurbishment specifications can be formulated.

Detailed repair schedules and specifications that will align with conservation principles and will satisfy the LPA.

Tailored, economical remedial strategies, with a focus on remaining environmentally friendly, without detracting from quality.



We offer all services to private clients, irrespective of property type or size. Our involvement can prove economically beneficial to a refurbishment project, with accurate assessments of the building condition preventing unnecessary remedial costs. We are experienced with working in occupied properties and our minimally invasive techniques prevent excessive disturbances to inhabited spaces.


Pre-purchase/preliminary risk management surveys.

Material condition surveys of all aspects of a building, that will identify defects and latent defects, such as damp and decay, that could affect building performance and lead to further damage that could result in a decrease in the capital value of the property.

Detailed repair schedules and specifications that will align with conservation principles and will satisfy the LPA, as well as remaining environmentally friendly.

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