At Six Heritage, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, drawing from both traditional and modern surveying techniques.

Timber surveys

We investigate the decay state of accessible structural timber elements using specialist imaging equipment such as videoscopes, cameras and FLIR thermal imaging, as well as by physical means such as decay detection drilling.

As part of any timber condition investigation, we also advise on any fungal or wood-boring beetle activity identified at the time of survey. In order to manage and protect building materials from such decay mechanisms, we provide holistic building advice which is aimed at addressing the root causes of the issues.

Damp and water ingress surveys

We make a comprehensive assessment and record of existing symptoms of dampness and water penetration using several methods of electronic, visual and tactile means of investigation.

Our team offers moisture profiling of vulnerable masonry/brickwork which is undertaken via the use of gravimetrical and electrical techniques as per BRE Guidance Note 245. Results offer an indication as to moisture quantity, hygroscopic salt content and moisture source (rising and/or penetrating damp)

Masonry surveys

Masonry investigations typically include an evaluation of condition, vulnerability and service life of brickwork, mortar, stonework and render. Our investigations are undertaken via both tactile and visual means utilising modern and traditional surveying equipment. 

We offer laboratory composition analysis of masonry samples both in-house and via external industry connections. Remedial action and repair measures are specified, as necessary, which includes cost-effective advice in relation to cleaning, efflorescence, biological surface growth and spalling.

Preliminary risk management and condition surveys

This survey package details initial risk management, planning, refurbishment and QS purposes. This may include new/potential homeowners or industry professionals at pre-tender and/or contract phase who are in need of a clear understanding of the material condition of the structure and any associated risks.

Heritage surveys

We undertake a ‘recording’ survey to document a building of significance to include items such as architectural details, historical fixtures and fittings and relevant contextual information. These surveys are carried out in accordance with Historic England’s Understanding Historic Buildings: A Guide to Good Recording Practice (2016), to a level determined by the client’s requirements.

This survey type is often used to discharge certain planning conditions and can often be a prerequisite to the commencement of any physical works taking place.

Additional services

As well as those packages listed above, our team offers a range of service options which may be relevant to you.

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