Preliminary risk management and condition surveys

Whether you’re a homeowner, potential buyer, property developer or contractor; it is essential that preliminary investigations of a structure are as accurate as possible to inform strategic decision making

Preliminary Survey

Preliminary investigations

Our preliminary (often referred to as ‘phase 1’) survey package includes information suitable for initial risk management, planning, refurbishment and QS purposes. This type of investigation is suitable for anyone in need of a clear understanding of the material condition of a structure and any associated risks, which is particularly important when dealing with a historic structure, whether listed on not.

This survey covers initial information on items such as:

Are you buying a historic or high-risk property and are unsure if a traditional homebuying survey will be sufficient? We can help.

Risk management strategy

The aim of these types of surveys is to manage risks to relevant stakeholders from an early stage of the planning or purchasing process. These investigations can also be undertaken for asset value protection with a ‘pre-market’ type designation.

As it is often the case with these initial investigations that access is confined to accessible areas of the structure, techniques such as thermal imaging, micro-drilling and fibre-optic borescope inspection are utilised to capture as much data as possible to inform overall risk management strategy. This can also include drone surveys of the external envelope to allow for a clearer understanding of roof coverings and rainwater goods in hard-to-reach areas.

If access allows, initial sampling can also be undertaken of masonry masses to create a moisture profile, as well as mould aerospora. Collecting samples at an early stage in works can be useful for the longerterm risk management of a structure as it creates a baseline to compare future samples against and gives an initial indicator of current conditions.

Preliminary Survey

Report format

Our report format is accessible for any who may need to use it and includes a photographic record as well as marked-up drawings. This is typically in the form of A4 report text with A3 sized marked-up drawings, issued as a PDF 5-10 working days from our site visit. Paper hard copies can also be issued on request.

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