Damp and water ingress surveys

We provide specialist services to address your issues of rising or penetrating damp. Our cost-effective remedial advice is grounded in environmentally friendly solutions and considers the long-term health of your property

Our approach

Damp investigation and consultancy services include a thorough and detailed assessment of existing symptoms of dampness and water penetration. This includes an evaluation of the external envelope, constructional detailing, ground levels, and an initial assessment of the functionality of existing roof coverings and rainwater goods. Standard packages typically include an assessment of existing damp
proofing against information provided in BS 8102:2009 allowing for us to produce tailored remedial advice to tackle dampness and prevent its return

Damp Surveys

Moisture and hygroscopic salt profiling

Where appropriate, our surveyors undertake masonry sampling via the use of gravimetrical and electrical techniques as per BRE Guidance Note 245. Results offer an indication as to moisture
quantity, hygroscopic salt content and moisture source (rising and/or penetrating damp).

This invaluable information can be useful for several purposes; such as creating a targeted and effective remedial strategy early in the design phase or highlighting areas of vulnerability during a home renovation to allow for appropriate detailing of internal finishes.

Surface drainage and DPCs

Damp proof courses (DPC)

These investigations would identify the type, condition and performance of any DPC identified at time of survey. This is useful for understanding the efficacy of existing systems to aid in informing a measured and appropriate strategy upon refurbishment.

Ground surface drainage and ground levels

We make an assessment of how ground surface drainage has been detailed is made and remedial advice/ recommendations given where necessary.

A comparative and contextual assessment of external ground levels vs internal floor levels is also made to inform any detailing recommendations

Damp Surveys

Environmental conditions

We measure internal environmental conditions using hygrometers and anemometers to assess the efficacy of existing ventilation and heating systems. Actionable remedial advice is provided to protect interior finishes and existing building materials from issues associated with condensation, damp, mould, fungal and insect decay.

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