Heritage surveys

Our knowledge of the historic built environment, traditional building materials and architectural history sets us apart from others in our industry. We can provide support to clients who are embarking on all manner of projects relating to historic architecture

Heritage Consultancy

Survey options

Listed building surveys

We offer survey packages catered towards nationally listed properties.

Written scheme of investigations (WSI)

These are often required by the LPA prior to further investigative/ recording works at the outset of a project involving a listed structure.

Building analysis and recording

We can undertake surveys corresponding to the levels stated in Historic England’s Understanding Historic Buildings: A Guide to Good Recording Practice 2016.

Mothballing advice

We offer mothballing advice and support in relation to managing and safeguarding vacant heritage properties.

Are you buying a historic or high-risk property and are unsure if a traditional homebuying survey will be sufficient? We can help

Heritage consultancy

Where appropriate, we are also well positioned to supply general advice as to best practises for maintaining, heating and ventilating historic properties. This advice is in line with current standards and guidelines as outlined by the major governing bodies.

Our work within the heritage sector is also informed by desk-based and archival research. This typically involves an initial search at the outset of a project to gain an understanding as to the current restrictions/protections currently in place.

Homeowners of historic structures should be aware that although their property may not be listed, it may be within a local conservation area and still carry some legal protections.

For historic properties which are not listed it is just as important to have a specialist historic building surveyor conduct the initial investigation. Historic materials can fail in numerous ways at variable rates which a typical homebuying survey may not account for.

Heritage Consultancy

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